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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Michelle Zafiris

NMLS #1644012

(503) 754-7088
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation NMLS#: 2289

I first learned about reverse mortgages when a retired family member approached me. In spite of saving and investing, and generally doing all the “right” things, they did not have enough money for a comfortable retirement. They asked me to look into reverse mortgages; besides my degree in finance and my MBA, I had a lot of experience in real estate investing, for myself and on behalf of several other family members.

I was skeptical at first, but after a good deal of research into financial, estate, and tax planning I realized how much reverse mortgage products could enable home equity to enhance a retirement plan.  When my family member and I sat down at the kitchen table to look at how to accomplish their initial financial goal, we found that reverse mortgage products enabled us to meet many other financial and lifestyle goals as well.

Since that time I’ve sat down at a lot of kitchen tables, and now specialize exclusively in Reverse Mortgages. By looking at home equity as a part of a comprehensive retirement plan, I’ve helped people to retire when they didn’t think they could, eliminate debt that was depleting their savings, secure funds for home remodels, travel, fund additional in-home care, relocate when they did not think it was possible, and provide added financial security through access to funds that are available when needed.

So let’s sit at your kitchen table and talk about how a reverse mortgage can help you and your family secure a comfortable and prosperous retirement.