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About Michelle

Over 25 years ago, my husband and I relocated from the Silicon Valley to Portland because we wanted to purchase a home. As young graduate students, we knew money would be tight and there would be loans to pay but we didn’t want to delay this important investment. So we deferred our studies for one year, saved as much money as we could, and by the end of that year had purchased our first home. I’ll never forget the excitement of walking through the front door of my own home for the first time.

Real estate has since become more than just a means to own a home – it became an investment opportunity. I spent several years purchasing properties for myself and on behalf of family members. They typically required a lot of work and I enjoyed remodeling them and creating new spaces to rent to others. This work provides important supplemental income for my family. Real estate is my passion, whether for the purchase of your own home or for investment.

I've developed a specialty working with seniors to leverage the equity in their home to benefit their retirement. Ask me how a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage can work for you!